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Set up a 'temporary studio' at the party, and cajoled each of the guests into sitting for a portrait at some stage of the evening. A slice of special time, many friends and family who don't get together often, and will never again be all assembled for such an occasion. Song for the night was "Hallelujah" (the Leonard Cohen version, that is...)

Birthday party_20071117_011
Birthday party_20071117_165
Birthday party_20071117_131
Birthday party_20071117_205
Birthday party_20071117_110
Birthday party_20071117_087
Birthday party_20071117_114
Birthday party_20071117_039
Birthday party_20071117_082
Birthday party_20071117_049
Birthday party_20071117_024
Birthday party_20071117_073
Birthday party_20071117_177
Birthday party_20071117_153
Birthday party_20071117_015
Birthday party_20071117_102
Birthday party_20071117_117
Birthday party_20071117_029
Birthday party_20071117_223
Birthday party_20071117_164
Birthday party_20071117_217
Birthday party_20071117_104
Birthday party_20071117_184
Birthday party_20071117_181
Birthday party_20071117_026
Birthday party_20071117_126
Birthday party_20071117_081
Birthday party_20071117_093
Birthday party_20071117_059
Birthday party_20071117_209
Birthday party_20071117_098
Birthday party_20071117_139
Birthday party_20071117_106
Birthday party_20071117_130
Birthday party_20071117_070
Birthday party_20071117_035
Birthday party_20071117_211
Birthday party_20071117_174
Birthday party_20071117_197
Birthday party_20071117_021
Birthday party_20071117_146
Birthday party_20071117_149
Birthday party_20071117_063
Birthday party_20071117_091
Birthday party_20071117_156
Birthday party_20071117_120
Birthday party_20071117_144
Birthday party_20071117_050
Birthday party_20071117_017
Birthday party_20071117_190
Birthday party_20071117_067
Birthday party_20071117_056
Birthday party_20071117_044
Birthday party_20071117_077
Birthday party_20071117_236
Birthday party_20071117_239

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